Hey Reader,

Honestly, A.I is boring as f*ck

I tried it last yesterday, CHATGPT (the name is already boring), and made it to write two blog posts.

Sure, I was excited when I got up in the morning and thought: ‘ I’m gonna be rich soon. Let A.I do the work, and nobody will notice’’.

I researched for an hour, got the AiPRM extension on Chrome, figured out a good prompt, and …

The screen wrote a blog in 15 seconds.

I made alterations to have it look more personal, made it poop out tags and SEO, and hit publish.

I was left with an empty feeling.

I spent the day thinking about whether we should take this A.I frenzy serious.

Read about the three main reasons A.I is never going to outsmart and remove real creators altogether.

And one way it can be tremendously helpful.

Have a great real day !


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