My 5STAM group coaching is about to start: Grab your 50% discount

Hey Reader,

Glad to have you back !

It's remarkable to look back on the things we've learned so far together:

We learned how to potentially transform our addiction by using the 5 STAM method. We've learned about Richard and how he dealt with his screen addiction that threatened his relationship and job.

He successfully integrated our unique sharing method after gaining insights in his addiction cycle.

At this stage I need to tell you a secret.

I didn't tell you about the two other steps in our program that Richard used to overcome his situation. These steps effectively prevent clients like Richard to have fallbacks. And all the others that used my program so far.

Don't worry, you'll get a full disclosure of all the proven steps in the offering I am about to give to you. And more !

I want you to experience what Richard and other clients did.

That's why I am super excited to give you exclusive access to The 5 STAM group coaching program at a discount I don't normally offer to the public.


Essentially, because if you've made it this far-- I know you're for real. And deep inside you have a iron motivation to slay your dragon of (screen) addiction. You want lasting change. You want to regain total control over your life and the 5 STAM is here to help you.

In the 5 STAM group coaching sessions you're going to learn:

STEP 1 : Acceptance

Full Acceptance and the art of sharing with a partner / Buddy / Circle of participants. For many this means the coming out. You learn how to deal with your shame, and how to shed light on parts of you that you made wrong in the past.

STEP 2: The Addiction Cycle

Create awareness on your unique Addiction Cycle using our tested framework. Get more aware on what triggered your fallbacks in the past. Realize that awareness is change and with our proven exercises and tips, you generate deep and lasting transformation.

STEP 3: Sharing : All healing comes through connection.

Our conscious Heart IQ sharing approach addresses the problem of addiction at the source. It’s all about feeling deeper while being seen and held by another. Remember the magic formula?

Feeling Deeper x Being Heard, Seen & Felt = Deeper Healing Connection

The benefits are

  • Better communication skills with the people that matter to you
  • Being more Embodied
  • Improved Self-Worth. The lack of self worth is at the core of wanting to numb out in addiction
  • A deeper and lasting feeling of connection with self and others that removed the need to ADD anything, like in ADD-iction

The most powerful way to accelerate your transformation is by establishing this deeper connection with yourself and other, through sharing in an online circle.

For this very reason, I offer a series of group coaching.

And it gets even better...

Because I want to offer this to you completely risk free, If it doesn't give you the transformation you feel is possible, that you're aiming at, I don't deserve you're money.

Your investment is completely protected by my No Cure - No Pay quarentee. ( Reed the conditions in the disclosure once you sign up).

( I can't offer you this discount forever)

Click here to learn more about the 5 STAM Group Coaching Experience

When ?

Start: Monday may 8th, 20,00 - 21.30 Amsterdam Time on Zoom.


Lucien Lecarme

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