Dear Reader,

I’ve been in my small love bubble for some weeks now,

How about you?

The world is an ugly place, especially after watching Died Suddenly. I can’t recommend it, although I do. But not on an empty stomach.

Sometimes it’s good to make sense of it all. I do all of the time. And sometimes, it is better to connect to other humans, sing, dance, and do some gardening. Just connect to things that matter and leave technology outside the door. It's a movement and it's called Localize.

Ask yourself, what does it bring you, all these different messages, information, and images? Most of it is toxic, disturbing, and shocking. The plethora of limbic-hijacking cheap heroin for the masses on my screen makes me need to chill down and zone out with Instagram reels at night. To balance stuff out. The downside? I could have been reading a good book. And most of the reels are fake. All about happy people, unique places, a billionaire lifestyle and abundance: it's so appealing. You don't see any reels from South African slums, or it is a few young black boys doing a synchronized dance while smiling their teeth out.

It’s denying the harsh truth of reality, That we’re dying as a species. That the one procent is pushing the 99% into serfdom keeping us high on chemical happiness. We’re moving fast to our collective 6th extinction event. Sorry to spoil the fun, especially with Xmass around the corner and on thanksgiving day.

A reassuring thought is that life is about life and death. We will be reborn out of our mess once again. The dying is notched up a bit with the jabs when we should believe access mortality numbers. And why shouldn't we? Or when you have an iron stomach to watch Died Suddenly.

Regardless the wars, It's still amazing to walk around on this pretty awesome planet. Read my positive thoughts about the antidote to it all. The medicine for the harsh, inhumane battlefield out there. The soft trenches of soothing words in this war that is fought through screens, with information. Let's celebrate life for a moment. yeah, I give thanks to life.

I wrote a piece about the gifts of doing a digital detox, and I give you ten tips on remaining human in inhumane times. You can also listen to my voice in the podcast

Buy my new Sensemaking Ebook: 19 blogs to survive the great reset and enjoy the ride.

Enjoy Reading! Stay happy and Human.

Lucien Lecarme

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