Hello Dear Reader.

I hope you’re well.

Last week was censor-time for me. I got reminded that the world is not that free as it looks. Despite Musk taking over Twitter.

That's why, after my tech writer hero Douglas Rushkoff warning people to leave Facebook immediately, I friendly urge you to quit Amazon

I didn't need to leave them. Amazon kicked me off the platform.

It deleted my account for my safety and privacy. Flushing 10 years of work down the drain like a condom in an airplane toilet. Great. This later turned out to be a blessing in disguise. Why? I explain in this article which is especially interesting for writers that are on the platform or in the process of deciding where to sell their books and content.

I explain why you get great service, you feel much better and make more income when you simply don’t fall for the monopolist trap that Amazon is and you move your Ebooks to Converkit or other mail providers and paperbacks to a smaller shop like Lulu. Hmmm, love the name.

Never forget the golden rule for content creation on the Web

Own your content and own your costumer relationship.

Second, I was fascinated by the Netherlands refusing David Icke. (and later, all of Europe’s 24 Schengen countries for two years !!) At this point, I don’t care if we’re secretly ruled by a bunch of reptiles in penguin suits. I care about the free word, about free speech. So I wrote a piece about it, just modestly giving my opinion. And, bang, I got red flagged by Medium. I still have no clue why, but I moved the piece to Substack: The land of the brave, the planet of the last free words.

Well, it's not all woo and wee, I am having a great time here in Ibiza post-summer, and I hope you have too! I am writing daily on my book on addiction and how to cure it, transform it, and beat the nasty devil. In this piece, I get pretty personal. It’s called Diary from an Addict. It describes hilarious events I’ve witnessed in Casinos throughout the years, what I eventually learned from it, and what got me out of the orgy of money—a place where virtue is kicked out by greed at the entrance.

That’s it for now, folks. I’ve moved my Sensemaking Ebook to ConvertKit, which I think is a sensible move to make, my free Ebook on transforming addiction is still for grabs, and Medium, well, I am having a small break from Fascist big tech, thinking it is doing the right thing. Although my piece on Why the Netherlands sudden cancelled Russian sanctions went semi viral on Google. Happily no sencoring there. (Yet)

Stay in love with life and yourself, and stay away from the cookies

Much Love,


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